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Trends: Wedding, Fashion, & Tik Tok, Oh My!

Let’s talk trends. Wedding trends, fashion trends, even Tik Tok trends. Trends help to steer your vision and creativity but do not have to be copied. When it comes to picking wedding vendors or decor, I encourage my couples to look at Pinterest for ideas, but then make it their own. Trends help pique your interest and spark ideas but it’s so much better if you make it personal and unique to you! ✨

On the other hand, don’t be afraid of following trends! I wore biker shorts to run some errands the other day and was hesitant because I was “so trendy looking” and didn’t want to appear as a copycat. BUT as I went about my day, I felt so confident and comfortable in what I was wearing and embraced that I was on trend. I told myself it was OKAY and that trends exist for a reason. 👯‍♀️

Now for Tik Tok. I was one of the many who gave into downloading the addictive app during quarantine. I love watching the dance and comedy videos but again was hesitant about being on Tik Tok. BUT I have found a way to turn it into another channel for weddings and events. It has been fun to look at other vendors using the app and learn more about this new form of marketing potential.

All of this to say, to be trendy or not to be? It’s totally up to you! 🥰

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